You don’t always have to drink alcohol …

… when you make a plan and you have some alternatives to hand. Many of my clients simply forget that they always have a choice when it comes to drinking alcohol, and that they can choose an alternative, or choose to slow it down. They find they drink at certain times of the day or in certain situations out of habit, never questionning that it is a choice. There can be quite a hefty social pressure, and we often are left feeling that we can’t possibly assert ourselves (or make a different choice). Here’s the thing, we can. 

“The Weather can play a role”

Some of us are now in winter (we are still soaking up some glorious summery days though here in Cape Town’s winter!), and others are enjoying the summer months. Regardless of this, we are all exposed to parties and social gatherings throughout the year.

The good weather lends itself often to sweet, alcoholic spirits and mixers, cider, wines and champagne that can lead to weight gain and unbalanced blood sugar levels. It’s not always easy to know what to drink instead without feeling deprived. I’ve got a few delicious and refreshing alternatives for you to try. You can request some of these options when out at a bar or restaurant, and especially when you are in charge of hosting or can take some of your own drinks of choice with you to a gathering.  You can be rest assured, others will not spend time focusing on what’s in your glass, so choose your favorite from the selection below and once it’s in hand no one will bat an eyelid;) 


You’ll also have peace of mind knowing you are saving yourself from a throbbing headache the next morning after a restless night’s sleep, and craving stodgy comfort foods as a pick me up. After all, at this stage of our lives, with children in tow and lie ins a thing of the past, slowing down our drinking, and switching out alcohol for these refreshing alternatives can mean a better weekend all round.

From cucumber, lemon and mint fizz to a garden sour made with seedlip, you can find some sophisticated, low/no sugar alternatives to introduce into your repertoire. 

Top tips –  slow down what you drink, and become more aware of how you drink, so you can take charge of your relationship with alcohol instead of it having control over you. Why not inter disperse your alcoholic drink of choice with one of the alcohol free options, or ensure you drink a sparkling water in between, to bring the pace down and stay more hydrated.

time to cut back on alcohol?



Why not use this coaching tool to help you get motivated to cut back on your alcohol intake. Find new ways to spend all the extra time you will save – and get your health, energy and vitality back!

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