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"Working with Nicola has been a game-changer for me on my journey toward healthier eating habits. Her personalized approach and tailored advice have been invaluable. From practical tips and tricks for various situations to suggesting nutritious snacks for my busy days, Nicola has been an incredible support. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and well-being."

James, 45, CEO

"Nicola is just fantastic. She is a warm and caring person, and I found her gentle, but knowledgeable guidance so helpful in my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Nicola helped me to build new and sustainable eating habits, which have become a new way of thinking about my approach to food and health. She also supported me on this journey through a really stressful time. The combination of her coaching sessions, and the positive and encouraging environment created by Sean at the Optimum Lifestyle Gym have been nothing short of life changing. I lost 10,7kg in three and a half months! Thank you so much for your support Nicola, you are a gem."
Amanda, 45, musician & university lecturer
“Since I have begun on this healthy journey, there have been significant changes in my body and mind. Before I started the programme, my diet consisted of pasta, pizza, bread & not a lot of vegetables/ water. I had attempted various diets but always failed at them. This new way of life has brought along many benefits and has left me feeling hopeful of maintaining a healthy lifestyle & achieving my goal weight.”
Chloe, 20, student
“Nicola is extremely dedicated to helping me achieve my goals. She asked helpful and thought-provoking questions to assist me in seeing how my current actions play into bigger life goals. Nicola always comes armed in each session with lots of relevant information to keep me interested. I always leave a session having learnt more about wellness and health. Nicola is very good at holding me accountable and bringing my attention back to what it is I wanted to achieve.”
Becky, 43, Mum of 3
“Nicola was patient and accepting, gently supporting where needed and provided useful tools and insights into my habits and lifestyle. After 2 weeks of following the 80/20 rule and improving my diet and sleep habits, I started to feel a benefit. After 6 weeks, I have more energy, particularly in the mornings when I exercise, and my mood is more even. I have a better body image due to feeling energetic and at my best weight. I have planned meals and this helps save time and ensure a balanced diet. Thanks so much Nicola, this programme is so beneficial I plan to maintain it into the future.”
Louise, 40, graphic Designer

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