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The corporate wellness landscape is undergoing a transformation. In an era where remote work is prevalent, fostering unity around the shared goal of ‘health’ has become increasingly vital. The good news is that a substantial amount of content can now be delivered virtually.


Stress ranks as the primary motive behind medical visits by employees and a major contributor to absenteeism. However, it can be efficiently managed with the right strategies and resources to prevent rather than try and cure.


With that in mind, building a greater awareness of how we can all optimize our health is essential to achieving long term wellness and vitality as a way of life. This has a direct impact on work productivity and a company’s bottom line. The thing is, knowing what to do is one thing, but carrying it out with a consistent, sustainable foundation, is another. The research shows that by taking the necessary, simple steps towards improving our nutrition, sleep, regular physical activity and making “time for ourselves” every day make a world of difference, impacting on all areas of our life, from our relationships to our work. It can be really that simple. But we often forget to focus our energy on these important things.


As a health coaching practitioner, I’m passionate about helping others live a healthier and more fulfilling life through establishing good habits, whilst uncovering the barriers and limiting beliefs that can get in the way so that they can feel better and live more.

“Good health is good business” 

Working with

"HIGHLY RECOMMEND!* We have been working with Nicola’s health coaching + healthy habits programme in our workplace, SOUL Design, for the past few months. She has created a delicious 2week meal plan for us that we brought into our studio space + she has gently guided us all to bring healthier habits into our lifestyle - she encourages you to understand the WHY behind doing this with education, vision boarding + through her in-person workshops. It really has really brought us together as a team. We are looking forward to continuing work with her. Definitely think about her for your business."

My Services


I deliver a signature talk on the key topic of habit formation and building increased self-awareness of habitual behaviours and practices across my foundations of health.

This offers employees real insights and provides a practical toolkit they can begin to use to make different lifestyle choices to build habits that will support a healthier life.

Includes relevant mini coaching exercises in a Healthy Life handout, and ebook based on the talk topic. A range of follow on topic specific health talks also tailored to your company’s needs.

 “A piece of research carried out by Grand Review Research found that 68% of HR leaders consider employee wellbeing and mental health a high priority with 81% of HR leaders saying that the pandemic has increased their wellbeing focus.”

Pop Up Clinics

In person or virtual 30-45 minute mini laser coaching sessions for employees to discuss a targeted and meaningful way forward with any health related concerns.


These are delivered through daily content, and prompts to help participants put the ideas into practice, plus accountability and support from me through a specially set up private online group because knowing what to do is only part of the solution. Topics include: Sugar Free, Healthy Habits, Self-care, Summer Holiday, Meal Prep, Mindful eating

Health & Wellness Content

Contribute a variety of monthly employee targeted content including relevant healthy habits and wellness articles, tips and recipes on themes and topics that dovetail with relevant awareness days or other workplace wellness initiatives.

Awareness Days 

These are a good place to start if you are looking to expand your Corporate Wellness schedule. Here are some of the keys ones for this year 2024:

March 8th – International Womens Day
March 30th – International Day of Happiness
April 7th – World Health Day
April 22nd – Earth Day
April 28th – World Day of Health & Safety At Work
May 1st – International Workers Day
15th – 21st May – Mental Health Awareness Day – theme this year is anxiety
Sept 20th – 25th – International Happiness at Work Week
29th Sept – World Heart Day
October 10th – World Mental Health Day
October 16th – World Food Day
October 18th – World Menopause Day
November 6th- Stress Awareness Day
Nov 19th – International Men’s Day
14th Nov – World Diabetes Day

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