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Life as a busy mum is a constant juggling act as you find your own health at the bottom of your to do list.
It’s time to reclaim your energy, think about you and your body again so that you can start to feel great – both inside and out.  Book a complimentary “Time for Me” health and energy consultation today to find out how.

Feeling as though you have lost yourself, your inner confidence & your own self-care amongst the needs of your kids and your partner, never having time to think about you?

Are you reaching the afternoons wiped out of energy and emotionally drained, needing a pick me up coffee or tucking into the leftover food from the kids supper with a glass of wine, only to feel full of regret afterwards?

Have you lost your motivation to change how things are, and instead your indecision and self doubt are driving you crazy?

Do you search for quick fixes through the minefield of information online when you manage to steal a precious moment alone, to try to get to grips with losing weight, choosing a diet or figuring out what exercise you can tolerate to keep the weight off? You are not alone, I get it!

My name is Nicola and I’m a certified Health Coach and I work with women just like you. Let me help you discover who you really want to be inside and out.


Through nutrition and lifestyle guidance, I will show you the essential steps to regain control of your health, build manageable healthy habits into your everyday whilst removing limiting beliefs that may be getting in the way. By reaching your own health goals with the right support and accountability, you will experience a new energy and self-confidence you may not have thought possible.

Book your complimentary 30 minute “Time for Me” health and energy consultation with me, and put yourself at the top of your to do list today..

What Clients Say

"I met Nicola earlier this year when my life was really tricky. All my days involve juggling work, mom life, being a wife, a friend and on top of that trying to loose this damn stubborn baby weight. Nicola has walked a path with me, and even though I really felt like it was hard to commit for our zoom dates once a week, I felt so refreshed and energised thereafter. It was the perfect way to fine-tune my healthy habits to make this surgeon lifestyle more sustainable. Her workbook was some of the best reflection spaces I've ever had, and I grabbed the opportunity to manage my healthier health choices with her help."

Marguerite, 30, surgeon

"I joined Nicola for an 8-week health programme and I can feel the benefit in all areas of my life. I wanted to improve my energy levels, mood, body confidence and improve my chances of conceiving. Nicola was patient and accepting, gently supporting where needed and provided useful tools and insights into my habits and lifestyle. After 2 weeks of following the 80/20 rule and improving my diet and sleep habits, I started to feel a benefit. After 6 weeks, I have more energy, particularly in the mornings when I exercise, and my mood is more even. I have a better body image due to feeling energetic and at my best weight. I have planned meals and this helps save time and ensure a balanced diet. Thanks so much Nicola, this programme is so beneficial I plan to maintain it into the future."

Louise, 40, designer


What if you could experience steady energy levels without craving an afternoon nap or depending on a sugary food fix or a pick me up coffee? What’s the secret to long-lasting energy and keeping sluggishness at bay?  Simply follow these 10 energy boosting tricks to put a spring back into your step.  Fill in the form below and you will receive your Ebook into your email inbox!

My Foundations of Health


Eat well every day and your body will thank you for it. We often know what our bodies need but we have a habit of making choices that dont serve our nutritional needs.


Sleep is vital for the health of all body systems. Creating the conditions to ensure good quality sleep ensure you fall asleep and stay asleep. Several factors can prevent us from protecting this vital foundation of health from its optimal performance.


There is no doubt that movement has numerous health benefits. From improved energy and mood to weight reduction and improved muscle mass and bone strength, just 30 minutes a day can make all the difference.


Relationships of many different kinds are part of daily life. By intentionally nurturing valued friendships and growing a sense of community we meet our inner need to connect with others, feel supported and hold ourselves accountable.

self care

Ensuring that we build appropriate ways of making ourselves feel good into our lives is essential. Why? It helps positively reinforce the healthy changes we are making and motivates us to keep going! It can be as simple as creating a new habit to replace an old one that has not been serving us.

I combine these foundations in all of my programmes to create a truly holistic approach to a healthier life, supporting your mind and body now and in the future.  Achieve longevity the sustainable way. To find out more about my programmes and to chat through your needs, book your complimentary health and energy consultation with me by clicking the button below.

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