About Me

I’m passionate about working with busy mums who struggle to find a balance between their emotional and physical wellbeing whilst looking after young kids, their partner, and the home. On top of this they are holding down a job or desperately wanting to return to their careers or dreaming of a new one! Does this sound familiar? Perhaps you are wondering when you last had time to really think about you and what you really need and want for your own health and wellness?

Work with me and I will help you get your energy levels back, prioritise healthy habits, rid yourself of those limiting beliefs to get you feeling and looking better in your mind and body with a healthy glow. After all, what do we really have without our health?

Before building my health coaching practice, I spent a number of years working as a textile designer in the UK, travelling to European trade events and living in India then South Africa. I had spread my wings and experienced plenty of adventure before settling in Cape Town, my current home from home, where nurturing my own young family became my priority. Life got busier and busier juggling the needs of my little ones, work and our home life.

As a result of two critical life events in my late 30’s and early 40’s, I found myself needing to change my priorities and examine what health really means to me. A difficult fertility journey, and a serious accident were pivotal tipping points. I decided to retrain as a health coach and it has been life changing for me ever since.

Do parts of this sounded familiar to you? If so, I want you to experience the hope that by making simple changes to the different areas of your own life, including what you eat, and how you look after your own needs, you can start to feel different.

And you know what is the best thing of all? Small changes compound to become greater changes that will leave you with improved energy levels, self confidence and a body you love inside and out! It is such a joy to see my clients transform week by week towards the best version of themselves.

My health coaching approach

Through a combined holistic health and lifestyle coaching approach combining nutrition, education and wellbeing solutions, I help enable clients build sustainable new healthy habits through behaviour change in the spheres of nutrition, movement, connectedness, self care & sleep. I do this by listening, educating, motivating & gently challenging my clients to tackle the barriers and limiting beliefs they face so that they can move forwards and towards improved physical and emotional health.

Does this sound like the right fit for you? If so, get in touch with me HERE to book your complimentary “Time for Me” health and energy consultation today.

I look foward to meeting you.  

My Foundations of Health


Eat well every day and your body will thank you for it. We often know what our bodies need but we have a habit of making choices that dont serve our nutritional needs.


Sleep is vital for the health of all body systems. Creating the conditions to ensure good quality sleep ensure you fall asleep and stay asleep. Several factors can prevent us from protecting this vital foundation of health from its optimal performance.


There is no doubt that movement has numerous health benefits. From improved energy and mood to weight reduction and improved muscle mass and bone strength, just 30 minutes a day can make all the difference.


Relationships of many different kinds are part of daily life. By intentionally nurturing valued friendships and growing a sense of community we meet our inner need to connect with others, feel supported and hold ourselves accountable.

self care

Ensuring that we build appropriate ways of making ourselves feel good into our lives is essential. Why? It helps positively reinforce the healthy changes we are making and motivates us to keep going! It can be as simple as creating a new habit to replace an old one that has not been serving us.

I combine these foundations in all of my programmes as a truly holistic approach to a healthier life, supporting your mind and body now and in the future.  Achieve longevity the sustainable way. To find out more about my programmes and to chat to me, book your complimentary health and energy consultation with me by clicking the button below.

And when I don’t have my coaching hat on …

You will find me on a quick run, hiking up a mountain, relaxing with friends on a beach, or herding little lifesavers in the Southern Ocean in a wetsuit (the Summers are long and warm in Cape Town but the oceans remain very cold!) supporting my young kids (4 and 6) at Nippers. I love catching up with friends at a braai.  At home, I enjoy chilling with my husband, the children, and the two new additions – our grey cats Bear and Raj, as we dream up our next overland family camping adventures.

If you are still here . . .

  • I love to dress in bold colours! It’s my happy place and really sets me up for the day 
  • I once drove a Challenger tank during a holiday job at an Army barracks (I decided that if you don’t ask you don’t get!)
  • I make a mean lemon cheesecake (wheat free and sugar free of course) which is lucky as we have a huge lemon tree that bears the largest lemons you have ever seen (which is why so many are featured on this website!)


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