Listen | “Finding Balance In A Dopamine Overloaded World” – Dr Chatterjee talks to Dr Anna Lembke

This conversation is one of my favourites so far and I really wanted to share it in my Health Edit this week. Dr Anna Lembke – professor of psychiatry at Stanford University School of Medicine, and author of her new book: Dopamine Nation: Finding Balance In the Age Of Indulgence, unpacks what the buzzword and trending neurotransmitter dopamine is, explaining why we need it but conversely why getting too much of it can ultimately lead us to pain.

I loved the way that Ann described how pleasure and pain work like a balance in the brain, it was a powerful metaphor for me. The discussion covered some really relatable interesting topics, from addiction, to radical honesty, which kept me engaged right to the end! Not to be missed! And as a parent, I also got some valuable insights into how the challenge of overconsumption in our world today can affect our children at critical stages in their own development – those precious first 10 years of their lives, and she offers advice on what we can do to protect them which I found incredibly useful and thought provoking for my own young family.

All of Dr Chatterjee’s podcasts are free, so click on the link below to listen, and share with your friends. I listen to my podcasts whilst doing a multitude of favourite and not so favourite tasks and activities – from driving, running, to doing washing and tidying the house😉

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