What I am Listening To: Transforming Your Health With Your Breath

Dr Rangan Chatterfee talks to science journalist James Nestor

I have never paid much attention to my breathing, let alone in the context of improving my health, unless I am playing around with my children in the pool doing tumble turns and handstands!  Until I was forced to after a significant life event left me with broken ribs, vertabrae and a bunch of anxiety! It was my physiotherapist at the time who could see I was breathing very shallowly, (I had been for nearly two weeks) and it was literally impeding my posture and my recovery, and keeping me stuck in my tense, high anxiety state. 

Just within that session with her, she helped me to relax my shoulders and become much more conscious of my breathing technique. I could see the change I my posture in the mirror, instantly! Sure enough, it began to aid greater healing in my body, my mind and I felt all the tension that my body had been holding on to, release.

Fast forward a few years, and this particular chat between Dr Rangan Chatterjee and the science journalist and author of “Breath: the New Science of a lost Art” – James Nestor, sparked my interest and fascination with his dedication and rigorous research into an essential function of the human body. It’s a full length, comprehensive podcast which covers breath in many different contexts. I really liked the way that James came across with his message, he clearly has plenty of curiosity, and looks to science to support his research and discussions of age old breathing practices. He brings a very neutral, non-persuasive presence which left me able to focus on what felt relevant to me but maintaining my own curiosity throughout the duration of the podcast.

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