The Eat Well, Spend Less Series

Many of us are feeling the pinch as the cost of living globally has soared, with energy prices doubling in parts of the world, and loadshedding schedules a dominating part of daily life in South Africa. We are having to adapt all the time, prioritise what is important to us to maintain balance with our mental and physical health every day in order to be able to best handle all the unpredictability that comes our way! From planning around power cuts, to choosing which items we really need in our shopping baskets, planning ahead and decision making is a significant part of daily life.

I recently listened to a really relevant podcast on this topic, produced by ZOE (meaning LIFE in Greek!),  a health science research company. It’s core research looks at genes, the gut microbiome and lifestyle, so there are no surprises that nutrition is a large focus of their series.

This episode includes the lovely Dr Rupy Aujla who has been teaching people to cook their way to improving their own health in his podcast show The Doctor’s Kitchen. In this episode, called “How to eat well on a Budget” Rupy and Dr Tim Spector (co-founder of ZOE and one of the world’s top most cited scientists) get into some fascinating, and practical discussions on how we can eat healthier while spending less.

It’s a must listen to help you lose the cost of nutrition overwhelm, feel empowered and inspired that you can still make healthy choices whilst not breaking the bank during these tough economic times. Click below to start listening now. 


My Eat Well, Spend Less ebook will show you how you can save a LOT of money each week, reduce stress in the  kitchen by taking charge of meal planning, and enjoy delicious, wholesome food. I’m a firm  believer that you do not have to spend a fortune to eat well. 

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