Red Cabbage & Apple Coleslaw

This is one of my own cabbages from my veggie garden! I cant tell you how excited I was to see all my vegetables shoot up and grow so nicely, and suddenly so fast!

I have been enjoying making a good old coleslaw with fresh cabbage, carrots and a slightly tangy twist of apple, and a scattering of raisins! Add some crunch whilst upping the protein content with some peanuts or walnuts, whatever you have in your store cupboard to finish off this delicious side!


Red cabbage head

1 apple

two carrots

small handful of juicy raisins

small handful of nuts – chopped walnuts or peanuts work well

vegan mayonnaise

plain yoghurt


1.Finely slice red cabbage.
2.Grate carrot
3.Chop up apple.
4.Combine all ingredients together in a bowl  except for the nuts.
5.Mix together enough mayonnaise and plain yoghurt in 50/50 proportions to cover the coleslaw mix evenly.
6.Add then nuts just before serving, mixing them in well. 

This recipe goes really well with the cauliflower steaks with goats cheese and harissa, and some hand cut sweet potatoe chips in the air fryer;)

This is part of my veggie garden right now. I call it my super mini Babylonstoren, which is a gorgeous South African wine farm in Franschoek in the Cape Winelands, also the spot where my husband and I were married. I couldn’t resist to revisit some photos from the day, I hope you don’t mind me sharing them over here!

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